B7 Tool Update – Backup on Amazon S3 and 7-Zip

I updated my B7 tool for Amazon S3 and 7-Zip. You can now create buckets and upload files. You can still use it as a command line tool as well. I also re-did the user interface to what I believe a more user friendly version. This tool is free. Please let me know what you think.

Download B7 here.

To get started with Amazon S3 storage, click here.

B7 - Backup to Amazon S3 and 7-Zip
B7 - Backup to Amazon S3 and 7-Zip

Backing up with 7-Zip compression and Amazon S3 with the B7 Tool

There are cases when I want to automate backing up certain file and folders with 7-zip but never found a good tool to do so. There are plenty of backup systems out there. I just want to backup a folder, compress it with 7-zip, and then send it off to Amazon S3 as the backup medium. All this automatically and on a regular basis.

So, I created my own backup tool to do just that. I call it B7 for “Backup with 7-Zip”. You can run this tool via command line only to automate the process. If you do not specify any command parameters, the Windows GUI will display. In the GUI mode, you can see all of your Amazon S3 buckets (folders) and their contents. You can do simple management of these buckets and bucket items.

B7 is still work in progress and I may make changes and improvements as time goes on and if I have time available to do so. I hope you find this tool useful. It surely helped me with managing some simple backups.

Download B7 here.

To get started with Amazon S3 storage, click here.

B7 Main Screen
B7 Tool

Make sure you update B7.ini with your access and private keys from Amazon S3 before using B7.

To run B7 via command line parameters, do this:

B7 bucketName folderAndFilePattern [outputFile]

bucketName = the name of the Amazon S3 bucket where the backup file should be uploaded to
folderAndFilePattern = the full path e.g.: C:\APPFOLDER\DATA\*.*
[outputFile] = the compressed output file (optional). If you do not specify an output file, a unique backup file is created for you. It looks similar to this: 2012_01_25_11_38_F00684EE-6C03-4462-885F-4A6B2E95DE48.7z
The output file can be opened with 7-Zip or any other tool that supports the 7-Zip compression.