My New YouTube Channel

I just created my new YouTube channel “Creating Great Software”. Have a look.

I will be publishing videos about creating great software including serverless computing in AWS. In addition, I will be publishing my STRONG opinions about the state of the software industry from time to time.

I’m super excited about this new channel and I’m looking forward in seeing your feedback. See you there!

Serverless System Course

In the past 27 professional years, I have been fortunate enough to gain a lot of experience and wisdom in 10 different software industries. These experiences are not just successful accomplishments but also plenty of failures and mistakes made along the way. It is ok to make mistakes as long as you learn from them, only then you will gain true wisdom in anything you do.

Over the years, I have always thought, “If I could gather a small team, I could share my knowledge and we can create great things“. Due to many circumstances, I never had the opportunity to mentor a small team and being in full control on what we would create. By full control I mean free from politics and other constraints. The sort of freedom you need to create and explore ideas without worrying about budgets, timelines, etc. When you can foster such an environment, great things get invented. Just look at the past successes in Silicon Valley.

How can I share my experiences and wisdom most efficiently and help you achieve your goals much more rapidly rather than doing it alone? I have decided it is time to create an online school where I can share all my knowledge and wisdom from the software industry. Well, how about an online course that is very deep in all aspects. An online course that would teach you the birds eye view of concepts and then drills down into the very deep aspects of it. A course that could show you actually how to put the conceptual components together in a very cohesive way. All the different pieces put together in an architecture that makes real sense and is practical and maintainable. We’ll leave the fluff out and concentrate on the entire system starting from a users perspective and walk backwards into the technical implementation details. In short, a

Serverless System Master Class

This master class would be extensive and we will go into a lot of details until we have built a working system that you could use in your future projects. As a minimum, you would learn a lot of concepts and software architecture. Since technology is always changing, I believe that the concepts will be more valuable then the implementation details in the course. In addition, how you bring these concepts together and why are extremely important because in your day-to-day work, you will have constraints that you need to work with and make compromises. There is no perfect architecture and even in this master class, you will touch on many different options one could take and why.

Please let me know if you are interested in the Serveless System Master Class. I would love to hear your feedback as I work on the course. I plan to post regular updates on my blog here.

Leave a comment below or contact me directly at thomasjaeger at gmail dot com and let me know your level of interest, please!

B7 Tool Update – Backup on Amazon S3 and 7-Zip

I updated my B7 tool for Amazon S3 and 7-Zip. You can now create buckets and upload files. You can still use it as a command line tool as well. I also re-did the user interface to what I believe a more user friendly version. This tool is free. Please let me know what you think.

Download B7 here.

To get started with Amazon S3 storage, click here.

B7 - Backup to Amazon S3 and 7-Zip
B7 - Backup to Amazon S3 and 7-Zip

Backing up with 7-Zip compression and Amazon S3 with the B7 Tool

There are cases when I want to automate backing up certain file and folders with 7-zip but never found a good tool to do so. There are plenty of backup systems out there. I just want to backup a folder, compress it with 7-zip, and then send it off to Amazon S3 as the backup medium. All this automatically and on a regular basis.

So, I created my own backup tool to do just that. I call it B7 for “Backup with 7-Zip”. You can run this tool via command line only to automate the process. If you do not specify any command parameters, the Windows GUI will display. In the GUI mode, you can see all of your Amazon S3 buckets (folders) and their contents. You can do simple management of these buckets and bucket items.

B7 is still work in progress and I may make changes and improvements as time goes on and if I have time available to do so. I hope you find this tool useful. It surely helped me with managing some simple backups.

Download B7 here.

To get started with Amazon S3 storage, click here.

B7 Main Screen
B7 Tool

Make sure you update B7.ini with your access and private keys from Amazon S3 before using B7.

To run B7 via command line parameters, do this:

B7 bucketName folderAndFilePattern [outputFile]

bucketName = the name of the Amazon S3 bucket where the backup file should be uploaded to
folderAndFilePattern = the full path e.g.: C:\APPFOLDER\DATA\*.*
[outputFile] = the compressed output file (optional). If you do not specify an output file, a unique backup file is created for you. It looks similar to this: 2012_01_25_11_38_F00684EE-6C03-4462-885F-4A6B2E95DE48.7z
The output file can be opened with 7-Zip or any other tool that supports the 7-Zip compression.