I’m a Sr. Cloud Application Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

I’m a passionate, fanatic, software designer and creator. I solve users’ problems by creating software solutions using innovation in the small. My expertise is in understanding users’ problems and translating these challenges into beautiful solutions that make people happy and at the end, makes their lives a little easier. These problems are really opportunities to empower users and eliminate the drudgery. I’m against the status quo. I live against the status quo because, in my opinion, creative and innovative solutions are not created following a linear approach but come, in part, from broad experiences in one’s life and an innovative mind.

I’m blessed to have over 27 years of professional software development experience in 10 industries including electronic payment industry, real estate, travel & leisure (cruise industry), retail, medical, dental, automotive, banking, legal, and airline. Because of these vast experiences across so many industries, it allows me to see problems as opportunities and come up with ideas that are not the norm in many cases.

Take advantage of my experience and let me guide you with my online courses at: http://creatinggreatsoftware.com


8 thoughts on “About

  1. I kinda liked DOS 6.0 myself…I sat in front of my Commodore Vic20 sipping bad coffee back in the days when I wrote my first “choose your own adventure” game. But I ran out of memory…3.5K doesnt go very far…

    DUDE! send me an email…

  2. I saw your profile on Monster, and then was curious to the link you left and have done a little snooping. Its very clear that you love technology. You have a passion for what you do. This is precisly the kind of mind set we look for in our employees. I have already sent you an email, and our location may preclude you from considering us, but I wanted to take the time to tell you this is a great site and you do a wonderful and creative job in your descriptions. Well done!

  3. Thomas,
    Over the years, i have known you i am and have always been amazed at the insight you have brought to the development community. there are those of us that are greatfull for teachings you have given us, and students like myself will long remember things that you have said and shown to us.

    your Friend
    Matthew G. Tutor

  4. Hi Thomas,
    I attended the iPhone seminar last nigt and you mentioned you had a reference list of URLs that were helpful in your development. please send me those when you have an opportunity. i would sincerely appreciate it.

    GQ Lewis

  5. Hey, I would really like to have the czarlist library file, I hope it’s discountued since it’s 16 years old. I am a big VBDOS fan and have programmed alot of things in it, I made an advanced graphing calculator, I also put some forms together and make an operating system. Even today it’s still so interesting. Thanks!!

  6. Just a big thank you for easystroke,years later and nothing better tossed it out yet!
    and it look not too hard to support…
    …a daily user .

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