VisualMASM Source on Github

VisualMASM_1_0-MainI decided to release the source code of VisualMASM on Github. VisualMASM is an IDE for Microsoft Macro Assembler (MASM) and makes it a little easier to create Windows and MS-DOS applications in x86 assembly.

The move to release the source code allows me to share the code base for more feedback and also keep the project going with potential project contributors. The source code that I will be adding to Github is not the current code base but a new version of VisualMASM 2.0. I want to make some big changes to VisualMASM and I figured this is a good way to also share the source code at the same time. You can follow along the changes of VisualMASM as I will build it out more over time and when time permits at the Github repository here.



2 thoughts on “VisualMASM Source on Github

  1. Hi I downloaded Your Source code for Visual Masm. It seems I miss several units. Tssplitter among other. Units starting wit “a” and “e” and “s”. I am running Delphi Seatle, and found Your program to be a great Learning tool. I will also make a few programs in assembler.

    Nice work
    Knut Johnsen

  2. Hi, there are two commercial components you will need to buy in order to compile Visual MASM. There are listed at the bottom of the read me file on GitHub. The units starting with ‘a’ are the Alpha Controls and the units starting with ‘e’ are the EControls. Hope this helps.

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