Visual MASM IDE for Microsoft Macro Assembler

Well, I decided to work on my Visual MASM for Microsoft’s Macro Assembler in my spare time. This will be a full featured IDE for assembly programmers. I published an IDE for assembly programming many years ago back in 2001 called VASM but I never finished it.

With Visual MASM you can create MS-DOS and Windows applications for 16-bit, 32-bit, and 64-bit Intel and AMD processors. Visual MASM looks & feels in many areas like the Delphi IDE or Visual Studio.

This will be an ongoing process and I will update it when I have time. Creating assembly programs for Windows is actually easier than MS-DOS applications since you no longer have to re-create the wheel(s) anymore because Windows has thousands of API’s available for you.

If you are interested in learning assembly programming and maybe find out why you would want to do that, run over over to my new website and check it out at



2 thoughts on “Visual MASM IDE for Microsoft Macro Assembler

  1. Hey Thomas, I am an old machine code guy from way, way back. Like 1982 I had
    a Tandy TRS 80 with 4 KILOBYTES of active memory. The tiny programs were stored
    on a portable Sony tape player. This machine ran a primitive form of Basic and I learned
    the rudiments of programming. As the years went on and the P.C. slowly evolved, I studied
    the i86 architecture. My goal was to have, and own, my own P.C with NO operating system
    on it other than my own code. I accomplished this with a small 16 bit “stub” program which set
    up the descriptor tables and other needed data structures, then ran int 15h “put the processor in
    protected mode”. I had my own flat programming environment.! Just me and the machine. I had to
    write my own device drivers, access the video buffers directly, write hard drive access routines,
    keyboard and mouse handling, the whole works. The concept that Windows is only one of an
    infinite variety of possibilities which can exist, is so alien to the general public, because they consider
    “the computer” and “Windows” to be one and the same thing. “learning the computer” to them is
    learning Windows. It is so sad. A whole world of possibilities does not exist because the Windows
    O.S. has such a strangle hold on the whole world. Just wanted to say I really love your editor and
    I truly thank you for your effort and passion. I am really into the new graphics A.P.I.’s and have a
    whole interface in machine code set up to access Opengl with the help of the masm32 project,
    which has provided all the includes and function declarations to access that very cool world.
    Thank You Again. If I can ever help you in any way, I would be honored.
    Kip Wallace north Lake Tahoe Ca.

    • Hi Kip,

      Thank you so much for your feedback. That is really, I remember the TRS-80 “Trash” 80. I never worked on them. I started with the IBM-PC 8086 originals. I miss some of the simplicity of the MS-DOS world (never mind the bad parts).

      I agree, Windows is just another OS that could be living on top of the bits and bytes. However, it also made a lot of things simpler.

      There is a real lack of low level understanding in today’s computer programmer’s. I see it all the time as software architect when I present high level concepts. So sad. Maybe one day, I’ll go around and teach from what I know or write a book, haha.

      I took about 2 months off of maintaining Visual MASM and will start again in January to keep working on it. It’s still far from where I want it to be, though. Please keep checking the github repo for the latest versions.

      Thanks again for your feedback,

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