I’m a Mac User – I’ve done it

I’ve done it. After almost 18 years, I’ve switched from a PC to my new iMac OS X. I still can’t believe it. Over the years, I’ve always monitored Apple and how they went from a proprietary hardware system to the Intel platform with the new OS X.

As a professional, I’m running my .Net development on the iMac using VMWare under a Windows XP window. Works great. The main reason to actually go out and invest into an iMac was iPhone development for the new iPhone 3G using the COCOA Touch framework and XCode.

This is really exciting and I strongly believe that the iPhone from a development point of view has a huge potential. I’ve some personal projects I’m working on for the iPhone at the moment. When the first app is released in the AppStore, I will announce it here. I’ve not felt this excited since the late 80’s when I started writing my first shareware program ACZAR.


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