Object Persistence Presentation in Charlotte, NC

I will be presenting at the next Enterprise Developers Guild meeting in Charlotte, NC on April 24th, 2007 at 6:00 pm at the CPCC Central Campus. You can find more details here. I’ll be presenting about Object Persistence. I’ll be showing why you need to worry about Object Persistence and why this is an important part of any modern software architecture. I’ll be using the object database db4o in a demo that shows multiple, logical layers, several design patterns such as Model View Presenter, Facade, Singleton etc. Although simple, I’ll have a fully functional Windows application that can manage patients. I’ll be using Test Driven Development to hammer out the design using unit tests from scratch.

So, come join me and watch those objects having fun. Watch out for the sugar bus! Come to find out.

04-13-2007, UPDATE: I’ll make the slides and source code available shortly after the presentation.


7 thoughts on “Object Persistence Presentation in Charlotte, NC

  1. I’ll will make the slides and code available after the presentation. I’m not sure if there is the capability to record the sound or if there is even a speaker system. I’ll find out.

  2. Hello Thomas. I caught your presentation the other night! I was somewhat vocal that night, but you really did pique my interest in object databases (which is why I asked questions). I remember you showing off MVP and Facade, but I don’t recall Singleton. Did you make it to that?

    We are forming a new group in Columbia right now (tentatively named the Columbia Enterprise Developers Guild). Would you be interested in presenting this subject at one of our meetings? Many will find db4o interesting, and I am very interested in exposing everyone to good design (which your example code exhibited).

  3. Hey Thomas congratulations and thanks for using db4o as an example! Please let us know when the slides and source code are available.
    Chris: Take a look at our section of db4o presentations here:
    Perhaps you can use some slides there for your presentation.

    And do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question:

    Best regards to you all!

    German Viscuso
    db4o Community Host

  4. Chris,

    Thank you for your feedback. Actually, the Facades are Singletons as well.

    Sure, I would be more than happy in presenting in Columbia. Just contact me via my email about the details.

  5. Hi Thomas,

    (very)belated thank you for posting the code from your talk. Very informative, it has been a great introduction to db4o and reference.



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